Mipony is simple and at the same time, it offers you many options. For your first steps with the program you can follow these instructions.

1º Once you have found the files to download, copy the text that contains the links (you can also copy the web address where the files are).

2º Paste the text with the links to "add links" and click on "paste and detect link". This step is not necessary if you have activated the option "capture". You can also paste the web address that contains the files to download, such as http://www.megau.com/?d=E9XF7MHA

Once this step is finished, the program detects the links and checks that the servers are available, if they are, they will have the check in green and will be marked automatically for download. If you do not want to download them, you just have to unmark them.

3º Then, click on "download selected".

In this way, they are added to the download list and can be viewed in the screen "Downloads".

Once the files have been downloaded, if they have to be joined, you can activate “join files” and a window will be opened where you have to select them, choose the location where you want to save the result and click on "Start".


Through the screen "Navigate and download" you can navigate easily over the Internet or paste the address of the website from where you want to download the files.

Then, you just have to click on "Detect links", and the program searches for the link of files and it shows them on the screen. Then, you just have to select the ones you want to download and click on "Download selected”.


From the Options screen you have the possibility to adjust the program to your needs.

1-"Limit the download speed to": You can set the maximum speed at which downloads can be done by Mipony.

2-"Simultaneous downloads": Establish how many simultaneous downloads can be made by different servers at once.

3-"Simultaneous downloads by website": Establish how many simultaneous downloads can be made from each server, the rest would remain in queue. However, if you don’t have a premium account, the majority of servers limit the number of simultaneous downloads so that the maximum number put here cannot be reached.

4-"Clear completed files when exiting": Removes the completed files from the list of downloads upon closing the program. If this is not not activated, when you open the program again the file will be in the list. In the case of the files that have a password logged, even though this option is checked, they will not be removed automatically.

5-"Number of retries per download": if the download fails, the program will try again as many times as you indicate.

6-Add "Download in MiPony" to the Internet Explorer menu: this function is only for the Windows browser, Internet Explorer. If this option is activated, the “Download in Mipony” option will appear in the context menu (right click) in the browser. When you click it, it will automatically be copied and pasted in Mipony and begin to download.

7-"Priority": By default, the files are downloaded according to the order in which they were added to the downloads list, but if you want to change the order there are two methods:

*Download the files following the order of the downloads list. With this option chosen the files will be downloaded according to the order of the downloads list. To change a file’s position you can drag it or right click in the “Priority” menu, to raise or lower the position.

*Use priotities in files to establish the order of the download. With this option the download list can be arranged by clicking on the column, but this does not change the order of the download, which will be according to how the links were added. To change the order in this option right-click on the menu and “Priority”, to give greater or lesser priority to the file download.

8-Advanced: once the "Automatically extract RAR files after downloading them” option is activated, you can specify what folder they will be stored in once extracted. Extracting rar files after they are downloaded sometimes requires a password. Mipony develops a list of passwords to extract files, that grows automatically with passwords that were used successfully.

If none of the stored passwords work, Mipony will request one. Before requesting a password from the user, Mipony tests all the passwords on the list, so that if you download many files that have the same password, Mipony will only request it the first time.

9-Premium: to achieve maximum speeds and avoid delays you can create a premium account from here, and if you already have an account fill in your information in order to take advantage of the program. This is not only valid for premium accounts, if you have a free account you can also imput your information here and Mipony will use it to improve downloads, even though it will never be as fast as if you had a premium account.

The smart solution to avoiding delays is to have a premium account.